The regular activities of the Methodist Men Fellowship are given below.

* MMF regularly meets on every fourth Saturday at 7.30 am, at the church for a time of devotion and fellowship. Speakers from various walks of life are invited to share the Word, apart from our own Pastors. The fellowship meet is followed by breakfast.

* Every year, in August, an annual camp is conducted where special speakers are invited to preach the Word, conduct workshops etc., and these camps help to rejuvenate our spirits and recommit our lives to serve the Lord with greater vigor.

* The MMF has adopted the Alangayam church, which is located about ~ 200 KMs, away from the city) and pays the monthly rental for the church premises. Regular visits to this place are being made to encourage the congregation members and pastor.

* MMF also extends financial support to a deserving sick person or a Theological student every year.

* The MMF visits the sick and the aged of our church to pray with them.

* The MMF partners with the Committee on Mission & Evangelism to takes an active part in all the outreaches of the church.

* During the MMF Sunday mementos are distributed to the men within the congregation.

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