Methodist Elders Fellowship is a unique bi-monthly programme in the family of EMC. The MEF program is conducted on the 4th week just after the morning worship service. Though we are referred to as seniors we still have life overflowing in us. We, elders are builders in many ways. Age can never be a barrier for us to live life to the fullest.

In our fellowship we have variety in the agenda such as meditation on the word of God, singing praises, activities, fun, games and praying together. As God has mercifully led us into the evening of our lives, the spiritual enrichment we get in these sessions gives us confidence and hope to live our lives day by day. The fellowship that we enjoy with one another along with a good bite for our stomach is something that we look forward to every time. Those who are troubled at heart find encouragement in the word of God. Undoubtedly every person who is a part of the fellowship experiences enlightenment and satisfaction and we sincerely hope that many more elders will be blessed by the fellowship.

Our gratitude to EMC for the wonderful privilege extended to us.

MEF - 4th Sunday in July, September, November-Christmas special, January annual meet with MYF and March @ 10.45 am at the Centenary Hall.

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